Provision of Premobed, Unpremobed Heavy & Light Duty Trucks such as; Flatbed, Lowbed, Extended Flatbed, Mud/ Petroleum Tanker, Towing Van, Vacuum / Water Delivery Tanker, Self-Loader, Fire Fighting and Emergency, Hilux and Hiace Bus etc.

Provision of Premobed and Unpremobed Heavy Duty Equipments such as; Crane, Excavator, Swamp Buggy, Forklift, Manlift, Compressor, Power Generators, Flood Light, Graders, Dozer, Telescope Handler, Pipe Handler, Dredger, House Boat, Vessel, Barge, Speed Boat, Tug Boat etc.

 Handling and Haulage of Non- Hazardous and Hazardous Materials / Wastes such as; Drilling Mud, Base Oil, Slop Oil, Sludge, Effluent, Brine, Waste Water, Barite,  General waste.

Environmental/Waste Management and Engineering etc.

Leasing and Fabrication of Drilling Chemical Storage Tanks such as Surface and Stationed Silos etc.

Health, Safety, Environment Training and Associated Services.

Supply, Installation of Personal Protective and Fire Equipments.

Provision of Onshore and Offshore Support Services.

Sales and Supply of Spark/ Fire Arrestor.